Lab MPLS Instagram Class

Lab MPLS - Instagram Class with Kayd Roy

Instagram isn’t a numbers game – it’s a community building game. Whether you have a small business or want to represent your personal brand, there’s far more to it than just posting cool photos.

Which is why I'm SO THRILLED that Style-Architects is partnering with Lab Minneapolis to teach a class all about marketing yourself on Instagram!

This class will help you to define your brand, teach you how to make brand-right images, and build a strategy for attracting new followers and maximizing engagement. We will go over the best apps to use, photo-taking tutorials and the various ways to interact on Instagram. Best of all? You will instantly connect with 15 other students and begin to build brand advocates.

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Instagram Class

Every four months I struggle with what's next for my business. What new goals do I want to achieve? How do I want to spend my time? How can I take my services a step further? Usually I pour myself a glass of wine and dive into the same 10 page questionnaire I send to my branding clients. 

The one thing that always write down is to focus on TEACHING and SHARING.

Each of my branding clients now get a social strategy. We talk through how their business is unique, how they can attract high quality strangers to become brand advocates, and create a monthly calendar of posts. Unlike other services, I want to empower my clients to handle their own social and see what's working and what doesn't. So far, it has worked ridiculously well. 

But what if you already have a brand and are lost in the world of social? 
Great question!

drum roll please.... I've opened up a one-on-one class, for any entrepreneur who wants a kick in the butt lesson about their social media with a heavy emphasis on Instagram. 

I'm only teaching a limited number of classes each month so SIGN UP NOW!

(PS - get a limited-time discount with code: iloveinstagram)